Back home

Today I drove from San Antonio to Houston with no particular plans. I decided to drive to Galveston and it was worth the traffic headache. I wanted to put my feet in the ocean to let it know this old Pirate was still alive.I walked out in the salty water about knee-deep and stood there […]

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A Navy Chief story

On the Chief’s Birthday a story about the first Chiefs I ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was February 1995 in Great Lakes, Illinois the fucking middle of winter no less, with 2 feet of snow on the ground. I’m from Texas, I didn’t know snow grew that high. I was in boot camp […]

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Rehab story

You know how I know I’m getting better at selecting women for potential relationships? A couple of years back while I was in outpatient mental health treatment(read over that part quickly) I met a woman (of course I did) who was in the same facility for rehab.She had a little issue with a little thing […]

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Granny memories

My Mom made some banana pudding and it took me right back to my Grannie’s house when she would make it and then when you were done you would wash it down with the sweetest tea you had ever tasted.

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I am not boyfriend material

I am not boyfriend material. I have been single for nearly a decade now. Sure, I have dated women but nothing that lasted more than a couple of dates. This has led me to believe the problem lies with me. I have become comfortable being alone, I answer to no one other than my schedule. […]

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